I'm on a quest to find and connect you with the coolest, confident and compassionate Mamas, who like you, are doin' the most!

You could say Life Is A Mother has a gestational age of about 60 months. The concept was born around the same time I gave birth to my son but as many of you new and heck, veteran Mamas know, it took a little while to get this "concept" in motion and I hope you'll stick around for the ride.

LIAM was created out of a desire to see more mothers on an eternal quest to get 'it.' Because not all of us are out here dipped in $20K nurseries with state of the art gliders, sipping on almond milk lattes with perfectly manicured nails while rocking our babies to sleep. And to the Mothers who are, God bless you. But to the Mothers grinding at work daily, working on their side hustle at night, or taking an online course while your kids sleep, or like I was, looking for a new job in between midnight breasfeedings. It certainly wasn't ideal and actually quite sad that I had to use that time to job hunt instead of getting any extra minute of sleep that I could get but as a new mother, I had to do what I had to do. For me, that meant putting my energy into finding a new job. I couldn't fathom going back to an office that didn't appear to prioritize, family, more specifically, motherhood (something I would soon learn is the most sacred duty of all). 

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